Who is coming?! If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet hit me up before they’re gone! $20 and it’s August 5th at 2pm #az #arizona #music #scene #band #bandlife #holdfast #etid #everytimeidie #chelseagrin #veilofmaya #terror #stfp #strayfromthepath #volumes #capturethecrown #iceninekills #iwabo #iwrestledabearonce #structures #dayshell #forallthosesleeping #allstars #allstarstour #2013 #jesus #christianband #metal #christianmetal


Look at all these bands playing. You can’t tell me you don’t want to see any of them cause I know you’d be lying. $20 and I take them to your door! Doesn’t get better than that #etid #everytimeidie #chelseagrin #veilofmaya #terror #strayfromthepath #sftp #forallthosesleeping #capturethecrown #iwrestledabearonce #iwabo #arizona #az #metal #metalheads #azmetalheads #azmetal #music #kandzentertainment #niletheater #theunderground #theallstarstour


So guess who will be playing The All Stars Tour? Yeah, Holdfast. $20 for tickets. August 5th at the Nile. One ticket gets you full access. Hurry before they’re gone! This show sells out every year #arizona #metal #music #theallstarstour #allstars #everytimeidie #volumes #structures #strayfromthepath #vielofmaya #chelseagrin #metalheads #niletheater #theunderground #holdfast


Can’t wait til these get here. Sizing up to 16


Downtown Phoenix with one classy gem! @madelinepaigeb

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Fun Fact: None of the actors but Gene Wilder knew that the tunnel scene was coming. Like, they had the lines and stuff, but they thought it was just a boat ride. And when the lights came on and he started singing their terror was real

This happened a lot throughout the movie. Which is one of the reasons it’s such a great film. The directors did the same thing when they all saw the inside of the Factory for the first time. They wanted to show the face of pure imagination. To capture it all.

That man is amazing.

Same thing with the scene where he comes out of the factory to greet them.  None of them had gotten to meet Gene beforehand, so when he came out all hobbled on the cane and they had these confused looks on their faces and look actually concerned when he starts to tumble forward?  That’s all legit.  This whole movie was successful because it fucked with everyone who wasn’t Gene Wilder.

You guys know the sad Charlie reaction pic I use so much? That’s another ad lib scene. In rehearsals, gene was a lot calmer, but when they were actually filming he exploded on Peter ostrum (Charlie). That sad expression is genuine. And tht’s what it’s basically my favorite reaction picture ever.

The reason he came out limping and then rolled forward was so that from that point forward nobody could tell if he was lying or telling the truth.

literally none of this movie was scripted they just found a group of people and had them improvise an entire movie as cameras were rolling gene wilder doesn’t even exist you’re still dreaming 

That’s pretty cool!

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No team will ever party as hard as the Bruins did when they won the Cup.

Too bad it wasn’t this year :/

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this is one of my favourite scenes from any movie ever

Second best movie ever made

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Doctor Who/Tangled Parallels



This means that 










Honestly, I thought the best one was the comparison between River reviving The Doctor with her regeneration energy kiss in “Let’s Kill Hitler” and whatever it is that Rapunzel does in the movie (I’ve never seen it) that involves kissing the prince and all those golden spirals of light.

Never seen dr who but tangled is the second best movie ever made.

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So there’s this girl who sits next to me in Biology, and she is such a religious nut She literally lectured me today because apparently I took the lord’s name in vain when I said “Mother of god” and I was doing my nails right now and  got the idea of making them fandom related, and decided on making them about Supernatural. I’m pretty sure shes going to scream bloody murder and lecture me when she sees them tomorrow in class. oh well

Oh please do tell. This is gonna be great.

Update: I STILL CANT STOP LAUGHING SINCE THIS MORNING We were sitting in class today doing the assignment and I saw her out of the corner of my eye. She saw my nails and looked kinda freaked out, so she made a small cross with her fingers in her lap and then, I kid you not, whispered “Cristo.” so then just to freak her out, I flinched and turned to glare at her, and she looked so petrified she almost jumped out of her chair


Reblogging just for the caption. 

UPDATE: So today, just for the sake of curiosity  I wanted to see if she still legitimately believed I was a demon after having the weekend to mull it over. I was in homeroom, and she, 5 of my other friends, and I were all at our usual table, and she started ranting about something. (I should probably mention she hasn’t made eye contact with me since the incident on Friday) I looked up from what I was doing to ask what she was ranting about, and she said “I AM JUST SO FURIOUS. THEY’RE THINKING OF REMOVING “Under God” FROM THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE!” Seeing as we’re american, this is pretty much a huge deal? “WHY? GOD IS EVERYWHERE. GOD IS IN OUT EVERY BREATH. THEY’RE ALSO THINKING ABOUT REMOVING THE “In God we trust” FROM OUR CURRENCY. I AM JUST FURIOUS.” And so, every time she said the word “God” Id glare at her and lean a bit forward  She kept leaning backwards as to stay away from me, and then finally, after she finished ranting, all of my friends went into their own little conversations, and it was just the two of us left, so I let out a low growl at her and she covered her mouth with her hand and ran to the teacher’s desk to get away from me. I’m pretty positive she’s convinced I’m possessed by a demon. I admit, this one may have been a bit mean, but I was curious, sorry I’m not sorry. 

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i’m done with everything i just


Wow. I’m a Christian and I wouldn’t even act like she did/does. My goodness. Haha!

I hate how there are Christians like this, but I’m ecstatic that this happened haha

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